How We Do It

Our goal is to provide a world-class customer experience from start to finish. The only way we can do this is to have quality employees at every part of the process, and rely on them to communicate with each other and with the customer. We believe that we have the best team in the industry, and we couldn’t be prouder!

How Do We Maintain the Quality


Dan Forrester and Troy Beard are available to meet with current and new customers to make sure needs are defined and expectations are met. While many companies can “give estimates”, Dan and Troy work diligently to make sure there are no surprises along the way. They serve as liaisons with estimating, dispatch, billing and receivables to make sure the customer has a quality experience from beginning to end. Paula Anderson, with years of experience, is the glue that keeps the sales team together. Paula provides estimates and oversees billing so that we can make sure that customers are not surprised by what they are promised and what comes to fruition.


Dispatchers Nancy Umbenhauer and Dylan Summers, along with support staff Sean, Annie, Deb and Deana, work together to make sure customer expectations set by the sales team are not only met, but exceeded. The team dispatches our 70 company drivers on a daily basis and works with nearly 50 outside companies to help cover customer demand during peak delivery times. Since roughly 75% of our deliveries require permits and/or escorts, the dispatch team never has a dull day. Jill Lynch serves as our night-time dispatch liaison so that we can best react to anything that changes overnight. Their task: keep everyone happy...Customers, Drivers, Sales, Maintenance and everyone in between!


Our long-time Office Manager, Irene Legerlotz, not only serves as computer and phone interface to our outside companies, but she leads our team of valuable support staff who do payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable. Irene serves as the calm behind the storm as her knowledge and personality help employees, customers and suppliers when things get frantic.


Stacey Reddig, with 30+ years at the company, is a resource not only for our own employees, but is often called by outside companies who are trying to navigate through the myriad of regulations in the industry. Stacey’s experience and organization skills often have her leading up special committees such as work-place safety.


Shawn Rutt has spent more than 3 decades ensuring that no load leaves our customer in an unsafe manner. This is a daunting task with over 100 customers, 70 company drivers and various outside companies hauling for us. Shawn is recognized as an industry expert in the securement of precast concrete and his hands on approach translates to all who haul for us.


Steve Freysz, has spent more than a decade with the company. He oversees all safety programs and is responsible for Driver Hiring. Steve was instrumental in the installation of our Electronic On-Board Recorders and makes sure we stay out in front of any regulatory requirements. Steve is also working with local training centers to look at creative ways to conquer the increasing driver-shortage conundrum. Summers Trucking was honored in 2015 with the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association’s (PMTA) “President’s Award” as the safest trucking company in the state.


Tim Fals, in charge of our equipment, may be one of our newer management members, but don’t let Tim’s time here fool you...the wily veteran has been in the industry over 40 years! He manages shop employees who staff our operations 24 hours a day to make sure the equipment is available to match the ever-changing needs of our customer base. He also works closely with Nate Marino to make sure our parts inventory is kept at a minimum, while not impacting our ability to fix equipment spur of the moment.


Michael Summers manages a group of part-time employees and serves as our interface to any outside company doing work on our grounds or buildings. A jack of all trades, Michael also serves as Parts Manager and Assistant Shop Manager. And when we are in a pinch, he can deliver freight. Michael has literally grown up in the industry and has performed most duties in our company at one time or another.


No matter what we say we will do, or how we plan the if wasn’t for our drivers, we wouldn’t be in business. Take a look at the customer comments on this website to see what they are saying about our drivers. We may talk the talk in our sales office...but it is the driver who makes it all happen! We are blessed with a group of professional individuals who sell our service like nobody else can.


If our trucks don’t run...we don’t deliver. If they aren’t safe, we risk our employees, our customer and the public at large. Our staff of mechanics can do everything from servicing equipment to rebuilding tractors and trailers...from changing tires to changing engines...and they don’t stop there! If a driver needs help, our mechanics are ready to serve...and vice-versa.


Too often this group is overlooked, and we would be remiss if we didn’t take time to recognize them. We pride ourselves in keeping our equipment clean and safe. If our work environment wasn’t this way, it would carry over into our hauling. Thanks to our custodial staff, we have a fresh start each and every day...and we pass this along to our customers.