Since 1946, we have maintained our commitment to handling all of your transportation needs so you can focus on your core business. We like to say “we do it all”. If you need something hauled on a flatbed or specialty trailer, especially overweight and over-dimensional freight, you can rest easy we will get it done safely, and in the timeframe that you need!  We accomplish this with professional drivers and clean, current equipment, so we can help sell the image of your product, even when you aren’t there!


If you want to get started, just call us at 717-733-6556 and ask for Troy or John.  They will walk you through what we can do for you.

A partial list of our services includes:


You tell us what you need, we will tell you what it will cost, and will also ask questions to make sure you aren’t surprised by unexpected costs after the fact.

Route Surveys

While some companies rely on online views of our transportation infrastructure, we take it one step further, and if there are any questions, we drive the route.

Loading Assistance & Securement Expertise

With oversized freight, how products are loaded can save thousands of dollars. How they are secured can save lives. We are committed to saving both!

Assistance at Job Site Meetings & Job Site Access Review

We like to get to know all of the people involved and make sure that once we get your freight to the job site, it can be delivered with no issues.

Delivery Tracking & Detailed Billing

Electronic Onboard Recording devices in all of our company-owned tractors enable us to provide timely and accurate invoicing with the detail you need.

Interface with Erectors

We know many erectors in the industry, and they like seeing our green trucks arrive, because they know we are going to make their job easier. These relationships create a smooth, stress-free experience for the customer.

Interface with Local & State Police

Permits tell you what you're allowed to do. Our relationships with law enforcement makes sure that you aren’t missing anything that could delay the arrival of the freight.

Scheduling, Shipping Coordination & Dispatching

You tell us when you need it there, and we will do our part to deliver on-time. Our experience in the industry allows us to help you reduce costs. We take pride in our work!

Hauling by Our Own Employees

Over 70 of our own trucks and drivers and 400 of our own trailers make sure we have the right skills and equipment for your specific needs. This ensures we have total control of the load from start to finish.

Access to Over 50 Additional Hauling Companies

As needed, we also have access to over 50 additional hauling companies in case your volume exceeds our capacity (we vet these haulers and are still your contact, so you have one stop shopping).

Storage of Freight at Our Terminal

If you need assistance with the timing of delivery, and need to get it out of your yard, we have a place to take it.

24 hour Equipment Maintenance

Maintenance with our own staff of certified mechanics, welders and tire experts, as well as access to Over the Road Services, as needed.

Premier Insurance Coverage

We want to make sure we have in place what you need.

24 hour Phone Access

Customer support for last minute changes, answered by our employees — not an outside phone service.


We have relationships with a number of private escort companies, and also use our own drivers when we need special care on a route.

In-house Permit Service

Our Dispatch team handles the permitting process for each load. We also interface with permit offices in cities, states and other locals, as needed to ensure each load has the permits it needs.

Timed Delivery of Loads

Need your product delivered at a specific time? We can do that! We can also drop loads to assist with erection planning.

Jockey Drivers

In cases where you have a drop lot, we can move the freight to the crane.

Interface with your Project Managers

Make sure we are all on the same page.

Information on Alternative Services

If you ask us for a type of hauling you would be better serviced by another hauler, we will put you in touch with one of our associates. We are active members of both the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association (PMTA) and the American Trucking Association (ATA), and know the best providers in different segments of the industry.

Knowledge of Transportation Infrastructure Direction & Changes in the Requirements of Transportation Providers

We are active members of various Trucking and Trade Associations and several Chamber of Commerce entities. We also take active interest in calls on Harrisburg and Washington to deal with State and Federal officials to make sure we are hearing them, and they are hearing us.

We give our customers the peace of mind to know when they need information on transportation, they only need to make one call.  We provide a full service no one else in the industry can match!