Industry Affiliations & Organization Memberships

  • Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association

    The Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association was organized in 1928. As part of a national integrated network of trucking associations and affiliates, they identify the key issues that impact the trucking industry and fight to preserve and strengthen the trucking industry and its jobs in each of the 67 counties and 2,567 municipalities in Pennsylvania, and with our elected officials in Harrisburg and Washington, D.C.  They also provide an array of tangible business services to their members, delivering education and awareness programs, up-to-the-minute industry news and trends, and money saving services.

  • New Jersey Motor Truck Association

    Founded in 1914, the NJMTA is a non-profit trade association that has more than 1000 members. Most of their members operate truck fleets. Some of these fleets belong to large enterprises headquartered out of state, but most are among the more than 20,000 family-owned and corporate trucking businesses based in New Jersey. Allied members belong to businesses that supply the trucking community, such as providers of trucks, tires, fuel and a vast array of services.

  • Delaware Motor Truck Association

    DMTA was founded in 1938 as a trade association to advance the interests of trucking companies and allied businesses in Delaware. The founders wanted an organization that would help its members by keeping them informed through accurate and reliable information, giving them a voice on matters affecting highway transportation, encourage and promote safety on the highways, foster a positive attitude on the part of the public toward the trucking industry, and much more.

  • Maryland Motor Truck Association

    MMTA is a non-profit, member-driven trade organization that has been serving Maryland’s commercial trucking industry since 1935. MMTA is one of the largest trucking associations in the country, representing 1,000 member companies. Through the collective strength of its members, MMTA has developed effective programs that keep its members’ operating costs down, influence legislative and regulatory decisions in Annapolis and Washington, and keep the members up to date on the many regulations affecting commercial motor transportation.

  • New York Motor Truck Association

    The New York State Motor Truck Association (NYSMTA) is a non-profit trade association representing the interests of the motor truck industry. With over 800 member companies, NYSMTA is one of the top trucking associations in the country.

  • American Trucking Association

    Since 1933, American Trucking Associations has been the leading advocate for the trucking industry.
    Through a strong federation of state associations, affiliated conferences and individual members, ATA is committed to developing and advocating innovative, research-based policies that promote highway safety, security, environmental sustainability and profitability.
    ATA works to educate policymakers and the general public about the essential role trucking plays in the economy, promote responsible policies to improve highway safety and advance the industry’s environmental goals.

  • Mid-Atlantic Precast Association

    The Mid-Atlantic Precast Association (MAPA) is comprised of 12 prestressed/precast producer member firms located throughout the Mid-Atlantic States. There are also over 65 associate member companies that produce a variety of concrete industry related products. MAPA was formed in 1978 and serves New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington, DC. MAPA is closely associated with the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI). All producer members are PCI Plant Certified. As such, producer members adhere to professional production techniques /methods, and follow industry standards.
    The Mid-Atlantic Precast Association (MAPA) is a professional marketing organization committed to the growth and greater profitability of the Precast Industry in the Mid-Atlantic region. MAPA will educate the construction community, design professionals and students on the advantages of precast concrete and will assist members in their efforts to enhance market share as compared to competing materials.

  • The Center for Family Business

    In 1995, a group of business people, family business owners, and representatives of Elizabethtown College, came together to fill a recognized need. With family businesses comprising the backbone of our economy, strengthening entrepreneurial families has a great impact on the community. The S. Dale High Center for Family Business has always been dedicated to bringing the best available resources to families in businesses for south central Pennsylvania and beyond. Today, the S. Dale High Center for Family Business is proud to be one of the largest and oldest centers in the country.

  • Lancaster Chamber

    The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry can trace its roots back to the founding of the Lancaster Board of Trade in 1872. Initially formed to foster commerce by paving and improving roads, the Lancaster Board of Trade had grown within a year to include a hundred of the city’s preeminent businessmen. The board expanded the scope of its business and civic projects to include: improving credit practices, extending streets, supplying water, improving transportation and constructing schools and other public buildings.

    In 1910, the Board of Trade merged with the Lancaster Retail Merchants Association to form The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce. A second merger occurred in 1977 when The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and the Lancaster Area Manufacturers’ Association joined forces to become The Lancaster Association of Commerce and Industry. In 1981 the name was changed to The Lancaster Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

  • Pennsylvania Precast Association

    Precast concrete products are everywhere. They make up the backbone of our infrastructure above and below ground and play a pivotal role in maintaining a clean, healthy and productive environment. The Pennsylvania Precast Association (PPA) focuses on the promotion of precast concrete products to the construction industry – including owners, engineers, contractors, state and local government agencies. PPA has been advocating for the use of precast concrete construction since 1996.

  • American Made Matters

    American Made Matters® is an organization made of over 375 member and sponsor companies. Our members are manufacturers who represent various industries from apparel and toys to steel fabrication and cleaning supplies. Sponsors include American made retailers, patriotic organizations and local businesses who understand that American made truly matters.