Pennsylvania P3 Bridge Project

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About This Project

Plenary Walsh Keystone Partners and Northeast Prestressed Concrete have partnered with Summers Trucking on the Pennsylvania P3 project. This very aggressive project is the largest bridge project involving multiple bridges in American history.
Summers trucking is responsible for the hauling for this entire project which will replace 558 aging bridges in just three years, completing construction by the end of 2017. The bridges are primarily crossings on smaller state highways with many being located in rural areas.
The team’s proposal was selected based on scoring that considered cost, financial capability to carry out the project, background and experience in managing comparable projects, and understanding of the project.
The caliber of Summers Drivers, equipment and internal staff have been instrumental in meeting the demanding schedule and expectations of a job of this magnitude. The P3 project has been a great success story in the history of Summers Trucking.